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1月 5日 - 3月 9日

WSET Level 3 葡萄酒及烈酒高級證書班 (品酒師課程系列)

WSET Level 3 Advance Certificate in Wines and Spirits


A) 1月 5日 - 3月 9日(逢星期六, 1月26日, 2月9日, 及2月16日 除外) 共 7 節 14:00 - 18:30

WSET Level 3葡萄酒及烈酒高級證書班將覆蓋更多的葡萄種類,並於葡萄酒品嚐技巧中加以鑽研,為往後的WSET文憑課程作最佳準備。

地點: 尖沙咀葡萄酒訓練中心 (港鐵尖沙咀站 B1出口)

學費: $9780 (包括教材、約 84款葡萄酒及烈酒、學習用具 )


  • 第一節 - 介紹 WSET 高級班課程及考試、深入的試酒技巧
  • 第二節 - 葡萄的種植、栽培及了解各種影響葡萄種植的因素
  • 第三節 - 葡萄酒的釀製歷史及了解各流程的變化
  • 第四節 - 認識全球葡萄酒之生產地
  • 第五節 - 更多葡萄汽酒及加強酒之認識
  • 第六節 - 烈酒及利口酒 (如︰Baileys, Cointreau 等)
  • 第七節 - 釀製或使用葡萄酒之社會責任及義務

WSET 高級程度考試 (包括 WSET 提供的考試卷及簽發國際認可的證書)


第1單元 – 需於1小時45分鐘內完成 50 條選擇題 及 4 條筆試題目 (要答對 55%或以上)

第2單元 – 需於15分鐘內以 Blind TastingWSET 試酒技巧完成1款葡萄酒品嚐並作分析 (要答對 55%或以上)

報名 : 請填妥上面表格, 然後轉帳學費 HK$9780 到下列戶口, 再傳真入數紙, 請寫上姓名, 手機, 活動日期, 活動名稱. 收到入數紙後下一個工作天我們將有專人致電確認.

查詢 報名︰
紅酒有限公司 WINE and FOOD Ltd (是 紅酒潛水會有限公司 的姊妹公司)
電話︰ 2568 8321
帳戶︰匯豐 HSBC 809 131345 001 "WINE and DIVE Ltd" 或 紅酒潛水會

(A Company Limited special for Wine Lover, Diving Lover, Eat Drink Play Fun Lover)

We are honored to share with you our passion for the world of Wines. Whether you are a complete beginner who needs help choosing wine in your local wine shop or restaurant, a wine enthusiast who wants to increase your knowledge of wines, or working within the wine and spirits trade seeking further qualifications, we have the course for you. The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) was founded in 1969 in the UK to provide high quality education and training in wines and spirits. Since then, WSET has grown into the foremost international body in the field of wines and spirits education, with a suite of sought-after qualifications.

WSET Level 3 Advance Certificate in Wines and Spirits

Date: 18th Mar – 13rd May (Sunday 2pm - 6:30pm, except 1st Apr)

Tuition Fee : HK$9780

(Include around 84 types of wine & spirit and study kit)

Course Contents :

  • Introduction to WSET Level 3 Advance Certificate course, the exam, and wine tasting approach
  • The Viticulture and the factors of planting
  • Understanding the fermentation process and the making of wine
  • Knowing the wine regions around the world
  • Studying of more sparkling and fortified wines
  • Spirits and Liqueurs (i.e. Baileys or Cointreau)
  • Understanding the social responsibility of wine

WSET Level 3 Advance Exam (Include Exam Paper and Certificate issued by WSET)

Certificate Award Requirement : (Candidate will need to pass both of the units)

- Unit 1 - Answer a multiple choice paper of 50 questions and 4 short written questions within 1 hr 45 minutes (Minimum of 55% to pass the exam)

- Unit 2 – Blind tasting of a single wine and produce analysis with WSET approach in 15 minutes. (Minimum of 55% to pass the exam)

Tel: 2568 8321 Fax: 256808121

Email: info@WINEandFOOD.

Payment: HSBC 809-344310-001 “WINE and FOOD Ltd.”

Please transfer the payment to the above bank account and fax/email the bank slip to WINE and FOOD for reservation.

( WINE and FOOD Ltd. - a Company Limited special for Wine Lover, Diving Lover, Eat Drink Play Fun Lover)

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辦公室地址: 九龍 旺角 通菜街63號A 國榮大樓5字樓 C室

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