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公司酒標紅酒 顯出企業風格 送禮首選

特別推介 <公司酒標紅酒>, 為您的紅酒增添上獨特風格, 提升形象, 是送禮最佳首選! 我們有專人免費設計另有多款圖案可供選擇, 價格更低至 $28 起!


四年一度世界盃盛事,全城哄動﹗世界盃 cross-over 自家品牌特色紅酒,全港首創, 獨一無二,送禮佳品。請即致電獲取更多詳情﹗

Private label red wines blended your uniqueness onto your red wine and only limited to you! The label is suitable for self portrait, corporate logo or even illustration/graphics. We also provide label design service to outstand your red wine choice from the crowd.

For once in 4 years, the World Cup is coming soon! Let’s celebrate and cross-over the World Cup with your special brand, corporate logo and even self portrait. It’s unique, memorable and irresistible! Call for more info now.

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紅酒軒有限公司 WINE and FOOD Ltd (是 紅酒潛水會有限公司 WINE and DIVE Ltd 的姊妹公司, A Company Limited special for Wine Lover, Diving Lover, Eat Drink Play Fun Lover)

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